Running unit tests

Using your system’s Python / Django

You can perform basic testing against your system’s Python / Django.

  1. Install the test suite requirements:

    $ pip install -r requirements-test.txt
  2. Ensure a version of Django is installed:

    $ pip install Django
  3. Run the test runner:

    $ python

Using a virtualenv

You can use virtualenv to test without polluting your system’s Python environment.

  1. Install virtualenv:

    $ pip install virtualenv
  2. Create and activate a virtualenv:

    $ cd thecut-durationfield
    $ virtualenv .
    $ source bin/activate
    (thecut-durationfield) $
  3. Follow ‘Using your system’s Python / Django’ above.

Using tox

You can use tox to automatically test the application on a number of different Python and Django versions.

  1. Install tox:

    $ pip install -r requirements-test.txt
  2. Run tox:

    (thecut-durationfield) $ tox --recreate

Tox assumes that a number of different Python versions are available on your system. If you do not have all required versions of Python installed on your system, running the tests will fail. See tox.ini for a list of Python versions that are used during testing.

Test coverage

The included tox configuration automatically detects test code coverage with coverage:

$ coverage report